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  • Run Holden Beach

    Saturday, September 10, 2016
    Holden Beach, NC

    Details and Registration This will be the third annual “Run Sunset Beach” event that includes a 1 Mile fun run/walk, 5K & Half Marathon followed by a BIG after party at the park. This is the second event in the 4 race series to earn the worlds largest race series medals!All finishers receive the BAM! (BIG ASS MEDALS)  That’s right, we showcase the worlds largest race series medals.  Each individual Half Marathon medal stands 7? tall and the 5K medals are 5? tall – same design, they both connect with magnets.You can register for the whole series all at once!  Every runner who crosses the finish line receives a BIG ASS MEDAL and if you run in the series, you’ll claim the “Worlds Largest Race Series Medal”!This registers you for ALL 4 events in our series all at once and gives you a discount!Run Oak Island – 2/13/2016Run Sunset Beach – 5/21/2016Run Holden Beach – 9/12/2016Run Ocean Isle Beach – 10/2/2016SpectatorsWe invite friends, family, neighbors, anyone to come out and enjoy the event on race day.  We have several great places for them to watch you during the race and encourage you to bring a cheering squad to get you through the course.WHERE TO CHEER ON RUNNERS?For this event, you want to start in the park where runners will be lined up at the beginning of the race.  Ask your runner to include your phone number for text alerts and ask them their pace – this will help you determine where you need to be at on the map below to catch them during the course.  Don’t miss the finish line and have your camera ready to capture them receiving their #BigAssMedalHOW TO BE THE BEST CHEERLEADER?We have several images of great cheer squads from our races and downloads here to help inspire you for signs and ideas to encourage your runner friends through the course!

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